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We have over 20 years of industry knowledge. Buying used cars, helping people to sell cars…this is all we do. We are totally dedicated to delivering superior service throughout the process of buying your car.

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Q. What is book value?
A. The “book” refers to a monthly guide released by Transunion who compiles the guide, which is updated monthly. Dealers use this book as a guide To value your car. Mileage, Condition and Extras would play a factor in pricing adjustment.

Q.What does Trade & Retail price mean?
A. “TRADE” price is a value that a dealer works with and would take into account any refurbishments or repairs that a dealer will need to carry on the car. “RETAIL” price refers to a price on a fully refurbished vehicle that is ready for resale.

Q.What do I need if I accept the offer?
A. Copy of your ID. Proof of residence Original Natis document - vehicle registration certificate (applicable if the vehicle is owned outright and you do not owe any money on it). If the vehicle is still under finance, we will need a settlement letter from the bank, stating the amount outstanding. We will settle the bank and pay the difference to you.

Q. What if my settlement amount is more than the value of the vehicle?
A. You will need to pay in the difference.

Q.Can I sell my car without the log-book?
A. No, but you can apply for a duplicate log-book at your nearest motor-vehicle licensing department. The cost is approximately R500.

Q.Vehicle paperwork (change of ownership documentation)
A. We'll handle any paperwork involved with transfering your title (natis registration certificate). This is a very important part of selling your vehicle as you do not want to end up paying someone else's traffic fines or e-toll fees. Your vehicle will be transferred into our company name within 24 hours after the transaction has been concluded.

Q. Can I sell the car if it’s not registered on my name?
A. We will need the particulars, ID documents and signature of the registered owner of the vehicle. In the case of a deceased family member, we require proof of relation and authorization from the estate executor

Q. What kind of cars do you buy?
A. We are interested in purchasing almost any vehicle no matter how old it is. We also buy trucks, busses, yellow metal, boats, trailers and leisure/camping vehicles . We are also interested in classics and exotics.

Q. Will you still take my car even if it isn’t running?
A. Absolutely! We purchase cars running or not.